Torpol Nelson™ Magnetic Boots Front - full navy

VAT included

Irreplaceable in a stable. The Magnetic Field Therapy™ is recommended in injury prevention, rehabilitation and as a support treatment for horses prone to wind puffs and otherwise swelling after tendon and joint injuries.


Extremely practical and comfortable in everyday use. Nelson™ wool technology ensures natural thermoregulation and a delicate micro-massage. Helps to keep a constant body temperature. Does not overheat nor cause excessive leg’s sweating. Has great moisture-absorbing, breathing and drying properties.

Made of nylon strengthened with non-woven fabric and lined with Nelson™ knitwear. Fastened with strong velcros, that keep the boots in the right place. 

The magnetic version of the stable boots is especially recommended in prevention, rehabilitation and as a support in treatment after injuries. Magnets located along the tendons create a constant magnetic field. The magnetic field dilates blood vessels, which speeds up the removal of toxins and recovery after exercise. It also naturally balances out energy deficits allowing for a faster start of the recovery process. It is the best solution for horses with tendencies to edema and after tendons and joints’ injuries.


Outer material: nylon (100% polyester)

Inner material: Nelson™ knitwear (100% wool)

Filling: 80g wadding (100% polyester)

Finishing: strong tape (100% polyester)

Fastening: velcro tapes

Magnets FRONT: 6 Neodymium Magnetic Activators (NMA) 3650 Gauss /pc, protected with PVC foil

Magnets BACK: 8 Neodymium Magnetic Activators (NMA) 3650 Gauss /pc, protected with PVC foil

Embellishment: TORPOL® embroidery – in magnetic version

Packing: 2 pcs.