Hoof peeling, Jump IT Scrub IT - cleans and smoothes 500g (STEP 1)

VAT included

It is a therapeutic series of preparations intended for the comprehensive care of hooves weakened by unfavorable weather conditions, stable (dry, soggy, weakened by pathogenic microorganisms), diseases, improper forging or training on various surfaces that cause mechanical damage.


It is a deeply cleansing and smoothing therapeutic hoof scrub. The preparation is based on mineral peeling particles, which, combined with a nourishing base, effectively clean and smooth the surface of the hoof.

▪ cleans and smoothes

▪ enhances the natural color of the hoof without the use of artificial colors

▪ prevents dirt and mud from sticking

▪ facilitates the penetration of active substances into the hoof horn

▪ helps to maintain adequate flexibility

▪ stimulates the growth of a healthy hoof horn

▪ regenerates, nourishes and strengthens dry and brittle hooves

▪ contains mineral peeling particles


Wash and dry the hoof. Apply the product directly to the surface of the hoof or sponge and rub in with circular movements. Rinse residues intensively with water and / or rub over with a paper towel. Then apply grease or oil from the flex it series.


The product is intended for animals only. Avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only. Store at room temperature. Do not freeze.

Capacity: 500g