Hoof regeneration and nourishment Jump It Flex it - ointment (STEP 2)

VAT included

It is a therapeutic series of preparations intended for the comprehensive care of hooves weakened by unfavorable weather conditions, stable (dry, soggy, weakened by pathogenic microorganisms), diseases, improper forging or training on various surfaces that cause mechanical damage.


For comfort of use, it is available in the form of a flex it hoofs therapeutic ointment or an occlusive oil (flex it hoof therapeutic oil).

Flex it preparations support the regeneration and nourishment of the hoof. Thanks to the use of pine resin, rich in resin acids (rheinic acid, e.g. abietic acid, pimaric tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C, phenolic acids), the hoof becomes more resistant to adverse external factors, and a natural protective barrier is created on its surface. The high content of lanolin, which is a valuable mixture of fatty acid esters with sterols, especially cholesterol, nourishes, moisturizes, and tones the hoof.

▪ restores the level of hydration proper to the hoof

▪ helps to maintain flexibility and improves the endurance of the entire hoof

▪ supports the growth of a healthy hoof horn

▪ breathable formula

▪ antibacterial and antifungal ingredients

▪ regenerates, nourishes and strengthens dry and brittle hooves

▪ no synthetic substances or artificial colors

▪ 100% natural


Thoroughly clean the hoof, apply the ointment / oil generously to the crown, side and dart of the hoof. Use at least twice a week.


The product is intended for animals only. Avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only. Store at room temperature. Do not freeze.