Equilibrium Magnetic Rug

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Magnets where you want them in this smart magnetic rug designed to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain a healthy horse.

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Effective and easy to use, the Equilibrium massage rug helps to relax muscles and improve flexibility. Stimulates the back muscles thanks to its vibrating, pulsating and stroking functions.

Clinically proven effectiveness, increases back flexibility, has a relaxing effect

Designed to perfectly match the shape of the horse's back

It fits most horses and ponies thanks to its adjustable straps

Powered by a rechargeable battery

The massager is set for 30-minute sessions

Three different massage modes that allow you to easily change its intensity

It stimulates the muscles by throbbing, vibrating and stroking

Perfect for warm-up exercises

It can be used at any time as a relaxation therapy

2 years warranty

The Equlibrium massage rug was developed through clinical testing at Myerscough College (UK), and its innovative design ensures an effective and economical horse massage therapy. It has been proven that it supports the flexibility of the horse's back and allows him to relax better.

The Equilibrium rug has three different massage power settings - high, medium and low. This allows you to choose the intensity of the program to suit your horse. Each program uses three different massage techniques - pulsing, vibrating, and stroking - to stimulate the muscles in different ways. Each session lasts 30 minutes but can be manually stopped at any time.

Massage with the Equilibrium rug can be easily incorporated into your routine before and after competitions. Setting a medium intensity level can help keep your muscles warm. The low setting, however, can be used to relax the muscles. The massage rug comes in a handy carry bag, making it perfect for home or competition use. The bag also has handy pockets for storing batteries and charger.

The massage rug is the choice of many Olympians, world champions, top breeders, celebrities and amateurs. It can be used alone or in combination with the Equilibrium Mitt massage apparatus or magnetic protectors.

Research confirms that there are a number of benefits of massage, including:

Horses at rest - supports better blood circulation

Post-workout horses - helps to remove toxins from the muscles faster

Horses before training - supports warm-up

Horses during competition - helps to recover after transport

Horses taking a break from training - as part of their routine (taking care of their back muscles)

It helps to avoid problems with the horse's muscles

Massage helps to restore muscle flexibility and reduce muscle stiffness, improving their blood supply. Horses that received massage therapy showed a significant improvement in back flexibility. During the massage, the heart rate also decreases, which promotes relaxation and relaxation.

Muscle tension is one of the most common causes of poor performance, but by increasing the feeling of relaxation and improving back flexibility, the negative effects of tension can be reduced. Relaxed muscles can improve flexibility during movements, especially in sports horses.

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