Helite Airbag Jacket for Evennting - Polish National Team

VAT included

We are pleased to present the HELITE Air Jacket in the limited version of TEAM POLAND.


The multi-directional release system, used in HELITE products, guarantees the rider's safe release during a fall from the horse. The vest protects the most vulnerable parts of the body against injuries; the spine, chest, sides and neck, thus reducing the risk of their damage.


The vest is comfortable and does not restrict movement, like other standard protective equestrian clothing. It is available in various colors and sizes.

The HELITE vest is especially recommended for eventing competitors, jockeys, private horse owners, as well as students of recreational equestrian schools. The vest can be used directly on equestrian clothing during training or as an additional protection on a protective vest during equestrian competitions.

The Helite Air Jacket, used in conjunction with the standard BETA 3 Body protector, increases spine protection by 69%, and provides 45% more protection for the sacral and lumbar spine compared to the BETA 3 vest alone.

Helite Air Jacet vest worn with the BETA 3 or directly on the equestrian clothing reduces the risk of rib fractures and internal injuries by 20%.

The vest cannot be washed, in case of dirt it should be wiped with a damp cloth.

There is a possibility of making vests at the customer's special request, e.g. (in the colors of the equestrian club, etc.), in order to arrange the details, please contact us first.

The HELITE Air Jacket is sold in a set which includes:


saddle strap

vest pin

One cartridge (installed in the vest, thanks to which the vest is immediately ready for use).

Each vest undergoes rigorous tests, the manufacturer also installs a cartridge, so after the purchase, the vest is ready for use.

CO2 cartridges are for single use only. Use the same type when replacing it. The CO2 capacity is also stamped on the cartridge.

The lead time is up to 12 weeks.

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